Inspired by the work of

George Martin, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, 

Burt Bacharach, Harry Nilsson,

John, George, Paul & Ringo,

Dusty Springfield, Donovan, Todd Rundgren, Colin Blunstone, & John Sebastian

A  new   collection   of  songs


from  Peitor Angell  and  Friends


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We’re all passengers on planet earth. 


From Monday to Tuesday, from 16 to 21, from 10:00 to 11:00, we are all on our own adventures; that bring us to the next minute, the next bit of happiness or sorrow or discovery along the time line from our first breath to our last.  We construct our persona weaving the fabric of our existence, from the multitude of moments and experiences that impact us.  The greatest ones along the way teach us to love and be present so that we may appreciate and enjoy what is in front of us before it is gone. 


At the time this project was forming in the workshop of my mind, I encountered many characters who all found themselves at some cross road of their lives. A moment they had arrived at where they realized the way they were heading, no longer served them, a place they had come to where they had to find a way to the other side.  A realization that if they wanted to survive, it was time for something to change. 


I could see and feel them clearly, their stories, one by one as they arrived in my mind.  Their thoughts, their fears, their dreams, their needs, their longings and their desires.  What they needed to say goodbye to in order to move forward. As I meditated on their problems to find the best solutions for each, It became apparent, each one had something to teach me for the crossroads I had come upon in my own life. 


May you find something of value in their stories as well. 


Music and Lyrics:  Peitor Angell 

Arranged and Conducted and Produced by Peitor Angell

The  Songs  

Redcliffe Square 

Suitcase & Dreams 

I Think Of You 

Requiem For The Lost 

Standing On The Edge Of Life 

Living The Life Fantastic 

Love You For A Little While 

I’m Looking Up 

She's Living In A Perfect World 

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye 

Broken Hearts Can Mend 

Border Town 


The  Docents 

The Singers:  Euriamis, Cynthea Kelley, Kasey, Jerri Bo Keno, Kristi Rose,  

The Guitarists:  James Harrah, Tom Bethke 

The Keyboards:  Peitor Angell 

The Bass Players:  Kirk Smith, Marcus Blake 

The Drummers:  Matt Tecu, M.B. Gordy, Kevin , Matt Musty 

The Cor Anglais and Alto Flute:  John Yoakum 

The French Horn:  Stephanie O’Keefe 

The Trumpets:  Rick Baptist, Rob Scher 

The Trombones and Euphoneum:  Allan Kaplan 

The Saxaphones:  John Yoakum 

The Percussion:  Luis Conte, M.B. Gordy, Matt Tecu,  

The Violins: Nicky Garcia, Kathleen Robinson 

The Cellos: Peggy Baldwin, Anne Suda, 

The Engineers:  Peitor Angell, Trent , Brian Springer, Michael Woodrum 

The Mixers:  Peitor Angell, Brian Springer, Michael Woodrum 

Mastering:  Steve Hall, Future Disc 


Recorded in Hollywood, California at Into The Blue Studios, Stagg Street 

Smash Studios, New York City 


©2018, 2019, 2020 Buon-Art Music,

1134 Alta Loma Road, suite 315, West Hollywood, California 90069